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If you want the star treatment or If you want to feel like a celebrity, well guess what, you can!  Here at Hollywood Towing Star you will always feel like you’re on the red carpet. We do our best to make sure that you are always our number one star when ever you call our center or when our trained technicians are helping you get back on the Hollywood road.

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Star Hollywood Towing

Hollywood Towing are proud to boast an incredibly well trained, expert staff of friendly people. Towing Hollywood only hire those truly passionate about helping the motorist in need. We try our best to be the number one towing company in the hearts of the actors, writers, musicians and everyone else that lives and works in Hollywood.

We see all kinds of crazy things in Hollywood, people stuck in costumes, actors trying to get to auditions. Musicians with thousands of dollars in gear, big time executives with Ferrari’s and Benz’s. Sports stars and much more. They all love Hollywood Towing service because we treat everyone exactly the same, with incredible professionalism and class. Towing Star Hollywood has the best dispatchers, the best drivers and pretty good website developers.

We provides these Star Services!

  • Local Hollywood Towing
  • Long Distance Towing Woodland Hills
  • Long Haul Towing
  • Big and Small Vehicles
  • Large Truck Towing
  • Light Duty Tow Services
  • … Much Much More!

The type of towing that Hollywood Towing do isn’t just for the stars, but for just about anyone!  For any kind of vehicle you maneuver, we got just the right tools to get tow it for you.  We tow all types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, sports cars, luxury cars, economic cars, hybrids, energy efficient cars, SUVs, trucks, cargo box cars, and even heavy construction machineries.  With our selection of services, we will be able to service all of your impending needs.  If we can’t do the job, no one else can.

Call Star Hollywood Towing at (888) 470-4841

Here at our towing Hollywood services, our customer service representatives are the best when it comes to doing their jobs.  They go through pristine screening and a week-long training event before working with us.  They’ll be able to take your calls, understand your needs in just several seconds, and they’ll be able to address a driver to come take care of you.  Speaking of which, Hollywood Towing drivers are friendly, punctual and of course, reliable.  Our tow truck drivers indeed will take good care of you, and will perform to your specific needs.  They’re also honest, so if you don’t know if you need gas delivery or a jump start in Hollywood, he’ll be able to assess the situation and tell you which you will need, instead of pushing your wallet for both.

Hollywood Towing Services

For the best of the very best in vehicle services, call Star Hollywood Towing today.  You’ll be greet with friendly customer service, and then a punctual and helpful tow truck driver will come, help you out, and get you back on the road, and back to your life in a matter of minutes.